Buck (Virginia)    My name is Buck Buchanan and I hunted turkeys with Alan at “H3O” and let me just say that he had the birds. I shot my first Georgia bird with Alan on opening morning right off the roost. The gobbler pitched down in the field and headed straight for the decoys. Later that same day my buddy that was hunting there with us shot his turkey as well. Alan does his homework for you that’s for sure.  I was very satisfied with the hunt and plan on hunting with Alan again in the future.                                                             Buck Buchanan  Executive Producer     .www.jkttv.com

Jake  (Georgia)    I started hunted with Alan about six years ago. We have hunted doves, ducks, and turkeys. Alan has the resources to put you on the birds! I have yet to get in on a hog hunt, but plan on doing it with Alan at “H3O” Would not hesitate to recommend Alan for anyone looking to harvest turkeys or hogs
Carl  (Indiana)   I have hunted twice with Alan and his crew. He was introduced to me by family members.I was very happy with all aspects of the hunts.they were very prepared for, almost any thing including bad weather. They did not assume anything,and made sure we were totally prepared for a successful hunt. If you are a novice to the type hunt (as we were) that you are hiring Alan to guide you on, I feel you are in very good hands and will enjoy your hunting experience with Him. We were taken care from the pre hunt to taking the meat home. Will enjoy more hunts with Alan in the future.
Matt  (Ohio)     My wife and I had a great time hunting with “H3O”. Alan was very accommodating and saw to our every need. We were on hogs the whole time and would highly recommend booking a hunt with him
Addie  (Georgia)  Had a great hunt a few years ago brought down a big 4 year old bird with 11 inch beard and 1 3/8 spurs . Alan K. Pethel also put me on a trophy hog he weighed in at 250 to 275 looking forward to many more hunts this spring he is taking my son on his first hog and turkey hunt in 2016 youth turkey hunt can’t wait to see how it turns out I highly recommend you get hooked up with Hooks Hogs & Horns “H3O”

Patrick  (Georgia)   I’ve hunted deer with Alan twice now, and all I can say is that he knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s prepared the fields, set up awesome spots to hunt, and knows pretty much every animal on the huge property thanks to trail cameras set up everywhere. The first time, Alan videoed me as I killed a big 7 point. The second time I hunted alone and killed a big 8 point. Alan was there to help me every step of the way. I would recommend him to anyone, young or old, beginner or experienced hunter. He’s a great man with a gift for hunting.”

Crystine  (Tennessee)  “We can’t thank Alan and “H3O” enough for putting on an amazing hunt for me and my family this past December. We met Alan years ago when he hosted a youth hunt near Nashville, TN. Our oldest son, now 13, was picked to take part and have his hunt taped for TV. During that hunt we knew that Alan was someone who we would want to hunt with again. When we were able to set a date, we were excited to get the chance to do so.

We spent five days in Eastern Georgia hunting white tail and we were not disappointed with the amount of wildlife we saw. On the first night that we arrived in town, Alan sat down with us and showed us the pictures from his trail cams and there were a lot of deer to be seen! Plenty of turkey too! We got excited as we looked at the amount of quality deer that any of us would be proud to hang on the wall.

During each day of the hunt, Alan hand-picked spots for us to sit and had each blind set up to make us comfortable. Every detail was planned out to perfection! On the first night of the hunt, our 10 year son was lucky enough to shoot his first buck! Alan was there to video tape him drag the deer out of the woods and capture those first moments of excitement! Priceless! Over the course of the hunt we were all lucky enough to take a shot on some great deer and fill our freezer full of meat. We even have our youngest son’s buck being mounted for the wall.

This hunt was the chance to spend time together, bonding and making memories, as every family should be able to. We hope to make this a yearly adventure with Alan and “H3O”!    Thank you again!”